Friday, June 28, 2013

Photographic mark-recapture – A recommendation

Demographic studies of species, using the photographic mark-recapture method have made big strides as digital cameras and pattern-recognition software have improved. Photographic mark-recapture is non-invasive survey technique that is very cost effective. It comes in very handy to biologists seeking to understand spatial and temporal factors affecting a species’ survival, reproduction, and movements.
Many programmes are available to researchers for mark-recapture studies. The pattern-recognition software program called Wild-ID developed at Dartmouth College is very useful and is a free programme. The program has the lowest pattern identification error rate (less than or equal to 0.007) of any photo-identification system currently available. Wild-ID is a multi-platform application. It requires Java 1.5 or higher. (Most Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux systems satisfy this requirement. The download is the same for all systems.

For downloading the programme click HERE

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